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RL6 Status, Training & Resources

Welcome to CHART Institute’s RL6 Training and Resources page. On this page you will find information about the RL6 Hosting Status page, RL6 Training Modules, and Additional Resources for the CHART Institute RL6 system.

RL6 Hosting Status – Monitoring & Email Notifications

RLDatix communications including notice of outages related to “planned maintenance”, “emergency maintenance” and “unplanned service interruption”, as well as status updates and incident resolution will occur via Statuspage. Once the issue is resolved, RLDatix will also leverage Statuspage to share root cause once an investigation is complete.

If you notice a service interruption with the RL6 system, you should first check the RL6 Hosting Status page to see if “EASTERN Time Zone” is impacted. And if impacted, then be assured that the RLDatix team is aware of the issue and working on it. You can monitor the incident progress via Statuspage or subscribe for incident email updates.

Statuspage link:

If you happen to have a service interruption and Statuspage indicates “EASTERN Time Zone” is operational, then the issue is likely local to our instance, and in that case, please reach out to CHART using the RL6 Admin email address to make sure we are aware of the issue and that a ticket has been submitted to RLDatix.


Learning modules for Entry Training and File Manager Training are available under the ‘Help’ menu at the top right of the RL6 application and are accessible without an additional login.


CHART RL6 Training Documents

Event Reporting Guide
Front Line User Guide
Manager User Guide

Taxonomy (Event Type Icons Only)
Taxonomy (Additional Icons)
All Icons PDF or (download the Excel file here for easier reading/editing)
Taxonomy Tri-Fold
Taxonomy Excel

Patient Event AMA
Patient Event Death or Injury During Inpatient Elopement
Patient Event Deviation from Policy-Procedure
Patient Event Elopement-No Injury
Patient Event LWBS and LBVC

CHART Printable Event Report Forms

Incident/Serious Event (2/2022)
Infrastructure Failure (2/2022)
Health IT/Telehealth Form (Supplemental questions for Incident/Serious Event and Infrastructure Failure forms)
Employee/Affiliate Issue
Dissatisfied Patient/Family (2/2022)

Resources from PA-PSRS

Reporting Decision Tree
Event Reporting Examples

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